Syuta Mitomo

Biography  Artist / Pharmacist SYUTA (Syuta Mitomo)

1967- Born in Bronx NY USA,

1991- Graduate Tokyo College of Pharmacy/ Pharmacist

2005- Sightseeing Bus Camera Project

2005- Director of Gallery Ginza Geijutsu Kenkyujo (G3) Art Lab Akiba

2017- Supervisor of Musashino Art Brut Exhibition


SYUTA’s activity for art working as an art director is performed to connect between human relationships via art working, besides working for new drug development in the pharmaceutical industry.

His early studied of biochemistry, life sciences and his career as a pharmacist are direct influences of his work as an artist. 

Diversity and the intersection of everyday and extraordinary exist in the basis of production and activity.

He has held workshops for children, the elderly, and people who needs special care, with the theme that art will contribute to society and people. He has been involved in regional revitalization programs, and has made suggestions about the attractiveness of the region and its relationship with people through art.

Since 2005, as the director of Art Lab Akiba, he has organized exhibitions with USA (New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans), Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, etc., focusing on support of young artists and international exchange.

Since 2017, he has been involved in general supervision of Musashino Art Brut exhibition, which is a collaborative project with Musashino City.

Solo Exhibition

2001~ Gallery JIN (Yokohama, Japan)

2007~  AYUMI Gallery(Tokyo, Japan))

2009~ MAKII MASAARU FINE ARTS(Tokyo, Japan))

2011 Gallery COEXIST(Tokyo, Japan)

2013 Gallery Chatou2F(Tokyo, Japan)

2017  Sakuragi Fine Arts(Tokyo, Japan)

Two person’s Exhibition / Group Exhibition etc.

Group Exhibition etc.,

2007 Art festival of Hiroshima Citizen

2010 Sound room/Museum of Modern Art Saitama

2012 Ach So/ FRISE (Hamburg Germany)

2013 The Front (New Orleans USA)

2013 Art Program in Ome(Tokyo)

2014 HIMONINGEN Shiraishi dancing (Okayama)

2015 Mushima Optical cooperation (Okayama)

2016 Pure Poor and Guilty (LA Artcore Brewery Annex USA)

2016 University of South California ISG gallery (LA USA)

2016 Exchange Program Japan and Italy (Tokyo/Naples Italy)

2016 Art Hotel Granparadiso (Sorrento Italy)

2017 Kaiyu Bijutsukan(Saitama)

2017~Director of MUSASHINO ART BRUT exhibition (Tokyo Japan)

2017 In Taglio/A Cut Above, Exchange show (Naples Italy/LA USA)

2018 Exchange Show SWEDEN-JAPAN (Tokyo Japan/ Stockholm, Sweden)

2018~ Group Exhibition at Ashikaga “CON” Kurita Museum (Tochigi Japan)

2018 Contemporary Show, Edem Elesh and Syuta Mitomo (Maratea/Italy)

2018 Graffito, School of Graffito (Montemurro Italy)

2019 Exchange Show Spain-Japan "Ma-ja" Sa Casa Mallorquina & La rectoria (Mallorca, Spain)

2019 Exchange Show Art Lab Akiba/Wayfarers (Brooklyn NY, USA)

2019 Valencia Biennale (Valencia, Spain)

2019 Exchange Show Taiwan-Japan (Kaohsiung/Taiwan)