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2020 gallery Nayuta

『COVID-19 Landscape of Pandemic-2020』は世界的に拡大した新型コロナウィルスにより、私たちの生活の中で起きた様々なことを、科学、社会、日常の視点からまとめた記録です。

『COVID-19 Landscape of Pandemic-2020』was recorded what happened under the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, from the perspective of science, society, and daily life.
It was expressed with a simplified pictogram so that would be able to understand perceive it visually.


2021 埼玉近代美術館 

薬剤師法の総則 第一条、薬剤師の任務:「薬剤師は、調剤、医薬品の供給その他薬事衛生をつかさどることによつて、公衆衛生の向上及び増進に寄与し、もつて国民の健康な生活を確保するものとする。」 

Artist/Pharmacistとして表現活動を続けている私が、自分の任務として今できることを考え『COVID-19  Landscape of Pandemic-2020』 をまとめました。



Withコロナの時代、New Normalといわれる新しい生活様式が、感染拡大の抑止策になることを一人一人が考えることが大切だと思います。


Pharmacists Act Article 1, Duties of Pharmacists: "Pharmacists shall contribute to the improvement and promotion of public health by controlling dispensing, supply of medicines and other regulatory hygiene, thereby ensuring the healthy life of the people.  " 

As an Artist/Pharmacist, I thought about what I can do now as an artist/Pharmacist, and I create COVID-19 Landscape of Pandemic-2020.

The pandemic has been taken up from the viewpoint of science, society, and daily life from multiple point of views, and they were expressed in pictograms so that they can be perceived from the visual sense.

The Tokyo Olympic Games are scheduled to be held in 2020, new buildings have been built one after another in the city, and the number of pictograms has increased as an easy-to-understand guide for tourists from overseas.

In our life with Corona, I think it is important for each person to think that a new way of life called New Normal will be a deterrent to the spread of infection.

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