Fragments Go Around the World

The theme of my exhibitios in 2017 is “Fragment”. The show has been started at Tokyo in January and it will go around to Italy and USA.

The small tips of papers are expression which can be imagined Genome (DNA chain) and base sequence.

The method of expression using the grafts of a hundred colors of paper is not deferent expression describing colors painting.

The grafts are cut by shredder so that the shape of each small piece is same.

The permutations and combinations of the expression to display fixed color grafts become infinite and produce it as analog expression including the digital elements.

They are not settled in a frame or a panel and expanding outside of the world.

It seems like building of the construction at the city or growing plants, so my art works is entrusting to the imagination of the person who watch my works.

Fortunately I obtained an opportunity to display this work at the three different countries. I hope the “Fragments” is growing around the world and to connect human relationship. .

I created some works for this show in Naples which image comes from blooming field poppy when I saw them at visiting Naples last year.